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Newsletter #41 When Dolby Sound Mixes With Intimacy Scenes for Good Storytelling


MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) brings its trainers to Pavillon Afriques. Enjoy three expert-led workshops in collaboration with MTF.


Effective storytelling is more than just being inspired to tell a story. Moving beyond simply being inspired, to consciously considering the Empathetic, Ideational, and Structural elements of your story, to make your storytelling more effective.


“An intimacy co-ordinator is someone who works closely with the director and the actors to help choreograph the scene to best serve the characters and the story. Intimacy co-ordinators are quite similar to stunt co-ordinators in that they work with the directors on scenes to ensure the scenes are safe for all the participants and that the simulated action is made to look as convincing and real as possible." - Sara Blecher


Dolby Atmos is becoming more readily available across devices and content. Embraced by both audiences and the world’s top content creators. In this session we will cover what it takes to produce content in Africa for the world market, through breaking down the various impact areas, from location sound recording to Final Mix.


PODCAST that welcomes the voices of experts, professionals and lovers of African cinema.

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