A new experience, a new insight, a new meeting place for  Africa and its diapsora's film industry professionals at the Marché du Film during the Cannes Film Festival


The rationale behind the Pavillon Afriques is to create a unique venue for movie trade and promotion that at the same time outlines the diversity of African cinema to film professionals from across the globe.

Located in one of the famed white tents of the Festival de Cannes and nested within the Marche du Film section, the Pavillon Afriques is to become an exclusive promotional venue where film industry stakeholders meet, discuss, trade, make deals and take advantage of the unique atmosphere of the Festival de Cannes.

By showcasing and promoting organizations vested in the African film industry, The Pavillon Afriques proposes a unique insight into the potential for growth and project development across the continent and within the diaspora.

The Pavillon Afriques is designed as a unique networking platform aimed at providing stakeholders with unprecedented access to the African film industry resources and professionals.




Marché du Film

de Cannes

Advisory Board

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