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Strategic Reflections - Activities_edite

The roundtables are important moments of strategic reflection and exchange around sensitive themes that concern the film ecosystem.

Strategic reflections

Country Presentations - Actvities_edited


It’s a unique opportunity for countries and territories to present their assets to make themselves known in order to attract foreign productions. These are indeed major vectors for the development of local film industries.
The Country Presentation, lasting 45 minutes, combines speeches, videos and images to form an attractive and eloquent ensemble.

Education - Activities_edited_edited.jpg


Educational activities come in various forms: trainings, workshops and masterclasses. They are all delivered by highly regarded professionals in their field.

Meet-ups - Activities_edited.jpg


The aim of the informal meet-ups is to encourage encounters between colleagues and to discuss and compare best practices, and be inspired by the profession or subject at hand.

Pitch sessions - Activities_edited_edite

Pitch sessions

Pitch sessions (one in English and one in French) for projects  will take place in front of investors and co-producers.

Screening for Professionals - Activities

screening for Professionals

A slate of content from Africa and its diaspora will be available for professional buyers.

Presentations - Activities_edited_edited


Enjoy recognized professionals presenting their practices, innovations and solutions.  

Networking - Activities_edited.jpg

Everyday, build your network during periods set apart just for that and during the more formal B2B meetings


Entertainment 1 - Activities_edited.jpg


Cocktail receptions, red carpets and more

Coproduction Day - Activities_edited_edi


Learn how to set-up right a co-production partnership and meet global producers and investors eager to work with you.

Monetizing of Content - Activities_edite


Meet distributors, platforms, sales agents who are looking for diverse content.

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