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Pavillon Afriques 2023
16 - 25 May, 2023

Promoting the richness of
African cinema around the globe

Who We Are

Pavillon Afriques works to create a unique venue for movie and trade promotion while outlining the diversity of African cinema. Located in one of the coveted white tents at the Festival de Cannes and nestled within the Marche du Film section.

Why Participate

Join the Pavillon Afriques to take advantage of a host of promotional and networking activities. Including global level networking with like-minded professionals, and access to learning opportunities through masterclasses and training.



Listen to podcasts featuring interviews and insights from film professionals.

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Watch interviews from global film professionals and festival participants.

View of the Pantiero side of the Film Ma


See images from past events, including the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

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Online Film School

Learn from the best to keep your competitive edge! Top trainers with SAG, Emmy, Oscar Awards


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Make a donation. 
Donate to Pavillon Afriques through our fiscal sponsor The Film Collaborative.

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