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Newsletter #38 Getting ready for Pavillon Afriques 2nd edition - 11-20 May, 2021

Dear Pathfinders,

Our endeavour is to place the African film industry on the world map and from the phenomenal success of the launch last year, through the pandemic, you have proven your interest and your resilience. More and more are joining the movement to shed a brighter light on the filmmakers from Africa and its diaspora.

We are in battle order to prepare a 2nd edition that will be remembered, with great novelties compared to 2019.

Let me introduce you to the soldiers who will help steer Pavillon Afriques to its 2021 edition and beyond. All of them are strong advocates for PA and have already demonstrated their commitment in spite of very busy schedules due to their successful careers and ongoing projects.

Want to know them better so you can interact better with them when you meet them? Read here

We want to thank our faithful partners:

And welcome the new partners:

Along the way, you will get acquainted with them and new ones and understand the value they bring to the table. You are Ministry of Culture or Tourism, a film commission or any official organization and you want to organize a delegation? You are a corporation or institution and want to partner with us? You are a film professional with contents to monetize or you don’t want to miss any updates? Contact us!

In the meantime, save the date for the next edition of Pavillon Afriques: May 11-20, 2021!


that welcomes the voices of experts,

professionals and lovers of African cinema.

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Feel free to email us on: info@pavillonafriques.com with any comments, questions or suggestions.

From all of us here at Pavillon Afriques we say keep creating!!

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