The number one meeting place for film industry professionals


The Marché du Film during the Festival de Cannes is the world’s biggest gathering of film industry professional who come to sell the rights to films, find partners and expand their professional network. 


The Marché du Film is an international networking platform that offers exceptional visibility through a host of events and activities.


The Marché du Film represents:

12,000 professionals

3,200 producers

1,750 buyers

800 festival programmers


The African movie industry is experiencing tremendous changes

According to Forbes & Fortune, by 2009, Nigeria's Nollywood had surpassed Bollywood to become the world’s second-largest movie industry by volume. And in 2014, the Nigerian government released data for the first time showing Nollywood is a $3.3 billion sector, with 1844 movies produced in 2013 alone.


A rising number of world-class directors and actors of African descent use their clout to lure financiers to support African movie-making or get production firms to initiate location scouting in their country of origin.


Lupita Nyongo, Black Panther (Kenya); John Boyega, Star Wars (Nigeria); Idris Elba, Dark Tower (Sierra Leone); Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 Years A Slave (Nigeria); Koffi Siriboe, Girls Trip (Ghana); and Djimon Hounsou, Constantine (Benin) to name a few, continuously support locally-based initiatives.


The digital era, the connected world and the fast-paced innovation in movie production technology has opened countless opportunities for both movie-makers and audiences who can now see more storytelling about themselves.


Investors are drawn to this exciting new age of African and its diaspora cinema where everything is possible.




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