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This is a procedure specific to the festival, so if you have any problems, please contact them first. Please read the information carefully before registering

- This registration gives access to the market where Pavillon Afriques is located

- In case of refusal of accreditation by the festival, please contact us at

- Access to Pavillon Afriques is free of charge, unless you request special services, however, a separate registration is required. Details will be provided at a later date


- We advise you to start your visa application as soon as possible

- A letter of invitation for visa applications is available at the end of the application.  It is then automatically sent to you the same day.

- In case of visa refusal, please contact us as soon as possible


Screenings at the Film Market

Films can be entered through Pavillon Afriques. They will be featured in the Pocket Guide, the Dailies, the Cannes Market News and on CINANDO. Please note that only films produced after January 1, 2019 and that have never been screened at a Film Market will be accepted.

Promotion can be done through the Pavillon Afriques database (price upon request).


Private screenings can also be arranged. In this instance, the films will not be listed in any of the festival's media.


Further information (please read carefully):

Screenings at the Pavillon Afriques

Only short films of 30 minutes maximum will be screened under the pavilion (conditions upon request).

Lulu is at your disposition for any further information:


- Accommodation, transport and party: our concierge is at your disposal

- Market prices are available at the time of your reservation. Do not hesitate to request a quotation at

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Brochure 2020

Pavillon Afriques Presentation 2020 pdf


Pavillon Afriques Presentation 2020 pdf


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