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Newsletter #45 - Looking Back on 2021 (Report) and Replays

Dear Pathfinders,

In many countries, September is synonymous with the typical rush and back to routine after the summer holiday period.

For those who are passionate about what they do, there is no routine, only excitement. I trust that like us, you are part of those happy few.

We are more than thrilled with the results of our 1st online edition and you will know why when you read thereport. If there was only one data to remember, it would be that participants from 64 countries over 5 continents connected to PA events during the Cannes Film Festival. We are so proud and so grateful!

We don’t plan to rest on our laurels and are already actively planning for 2022 to give you an outstanding experience.

You can now watch a few Replays of the sessions that took place during the Cannes Film Festival.

And if you haven’t already participated in our survey, there is still time to help us improve our offer to you.

Keep creating, keep excelling!



Pavillon Afriques - Cannes Film Festival 2021

Country Presentation Uganda

Speaker: Ruth Kibuuka, Uganda Communications Commission


Pavillon Afriques - Cannes Film Festival 2021

Presentation: Intimacy on Set

Speaker: Sara Blecher, in partnership with MultiChoice Talent Factory


Pavillon Afriques - Cannes Film Festival 2021

Panel: Producing and Social Impact - WIFTI

Moderator: Inya Lawal

Guests: Tope Oshin (Nigeria), Joyce Pierpoline (US), and

Didar Domehri (France)


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From all of us here at Pavillon Afriques we say keep creating!!


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