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Newsletter #44 - Pavillon Afriques 2021 Virtual Edition: A Winning Bet


Dear All, How to describe Pavillon Afriques 2021 at the Cannes Film Festival in one word: GRATEFUL! It was an overwhelming success and we could not have done it without you: - Participants from all over the world who attended our sessions - Panelists, presenters and moderators who shared your expertise and your passion - All of you who took responsibility to host a few sessions - Our dedicated partners - The participating countries and Mayotte We want to extend a special Thank You to those who all year long pushed us, advised us and made it their personal business that we succeeded: - Unesco for making it happen against all odds due to Covid restrictions - Uganda Communications Commission for their continuous support since our 1st edition - KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission whose commitment to enhancing their territory is a true example - Multichoice Talent Factory & Light Camera Diaspora (LCD!) for offering state-of-the-art training with crème de la crème experts - Jacquil Constant (Haiti International Film Festival) and Terra Renee (African American Women in Cinema) who entertained us and also made us think with the movies they proposed - African Women Acting who was instrumental in connecting us with the diaspora in Canada - Chike Nwoffiah, Mark Walton, Lisa Osinloye: in spite of their very busy schedule, they were always there to accommodate my requests In a few weeks, our Post-Show Report will be out. At the request of many participants, a selection of sessions will be made available later as a Replay on our Youtube channel. Watch out for it on our social media or this very newsletter! Every one of you is the reason why we will continue to propose the very best so that you always find value in participating in Pavillon Afriques. Help us get ready for 2022! Tell us what you liked best about this edition and what you would like to find next year by answering this short survey. Thanks again and see you soon!


Pavillon Afriques - Opening Ceremony 2021 at UNESCO Cannes Film Festival


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