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Newsletter #35 - Podcast · HITFest (Hollywood) · Focus (London)

In our flesh or in our daily lives, many of us are affected by a global epidemic, the Coronavirus. Habits are turned upside down, benchmarks lost and projects put on hold. Life itself seems to hang on a thread that too often breaks. We think of all the bereaved families who cannot accompany their deceased in the tradition.

But we also know that dawn always breaks. Then will come the time to heal the wounds, to shake off the heaviness of time beyond time.

In the meantime, rather than endure, panic and complain, we can decide to take advantage of this suspended time to rethink our priorities and our values, call friends lost for lack of time, train, put in place strategies to be ready during the rebound.

Since teleworking is the norm at Pavillon Afriques, it is "business as usual", except that we are suspended at the Cannes Film Festival decision to postpone its 73rd edition for a few months or until next year. Almost everything is in place for the 2nd edition but we will make our own decision whether or not to maintain our participation depending on parameters such as your travel restrictions for example.

Despite this setback, we remain faithful to our mission to promote African cinema and its diaspora throughout the year.

April 1

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