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Newsletter #30

Profiles of the Week at Pavillon Afriques'

  • Stedman Graham: An Educator, Entrepreneur and Successful Author

  • Jimmy Jean-Louis: the spirit of Toussaint Louverture

  • Roberta Annan: businesswoman, investor and philanthropist who recently launched a 100 million euro investment fund for African arts

Profiles & Videos of the Week

  • Inya Lawal: Fortune 500 in the making

  • Yared Zeleke: a taste for cinema

  • Georges Miankiri Gamthety: the calm waters are deep

  • Rita Dominic : for the sake of cinema and production

  • John Barker: the portrait of an eclectic filmmaker

  • Steven Adams: Maestro

Welcome to the Pavillon Afriques, Festival de Cannes 2019  3 minutes of reading or directly see the videos and profiles below

The 15 participating countries of the Africa Pavilion are full of hundreds of thousands of "resourceful filmmakers and versatile entrepreneurs" who, through their tribulations, drastically transform their local film industry.

We are honored to welcome Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Kenya, South Africa, Gambia, Uganda, Gabon, Togo, Burkina Faso, Rwanda, Djibouti, Rwanda and Ghana .

The aim of the Africa Pavilion is to give participants the opportunity and the means to promote, sell, market and export their content beyond their home markets.

Fortune magazine valued Nollywood, the Nigerian film market, at more than $ 3.3 billion, and ranked it second after Hollywood in the global film market rankings in terms of production volume.

In Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya, the film industry has revealed the local entrepreneurial flair , has become a tremendous tool for job creation, and has proven to be a powerful engine of economic growth . Many TVoD or SoD platforms have been launched or are in the process of being launched to meet the needs of increasingly hungry consumers of content to watch on their mobile phones.

Since most coastal countries in Africa and the Caribbean are equipped with 4G networks, have smartphones in quantity, have mobile payment systems adapted and affordable telecom subscription rates, these emerging markets are growing exponentially.

International investors and potential buyers are attracted by this unique dynamism and want to know who to contact.

From May 14 to 25, 2019, the Afriques Pavilion is at the Marché du Film, at the Cannes Film Festival to answer these questions.

We will be there to introduce you to the influential personalities of each of the 15 countries concerned; government representatives with whom to discuss IP regulatory / legislation issues, co-production conditions, tax measures, real statistics on room access, ticket sales, private-public partnerships ...

Each participating country will come with producers (film and music), directors, talents and distributors to sign any agreements in principle or contracts .

So, it's up to you now! For the Africa Pavilion , the marathon continues.

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