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Panel: The Rationale – And Irrational of Investing in Films

Speaker -

Russel Hlongwane

Cultural Producer

Bio -

Russel Hlongwane is a creative industries consultant and cultural producer based in Dur-
ban, South Africa. His artistic work is located at the intersection of Heritage/ Modernity and

Culture/ Tradition. His creative economy interests, however, engages with cultural and crea-
tive entrepreneurship in the creative economies of South Africa and the continent at large.

His scope of work includes cultural research, creative producing, design, writer, facilitator
and curator (of programmes and exhibitions)
In the field of design, he has worked in the area of architecture and urban planning projects
and more recently extending to speculative design. Working with academics, policy-makers
and cultural institutions, Hlongwane also has experience in film, innovation and futurity with
a particular focus on Africa.
His creative economy portfolio has seen him partner and provide services to institutions
such as the Goethe-Institut, British Council and public sector departments geared towards
developing entrepreneurship in the arts.
He has and still serves on various boards, and is also member of a number of international

working groups and on the continent with a focus on the creative economy and artistic ecol-

He has presented his work in Tokyo, Maputo, Bristol, Accra, Karlsruhe, Addis Ababa, Mar-
rakech, London and Harare.

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